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Private markets

Private markets offer unique opportunities if you are able to discover the right opportunities and are willing and able to be in the game until the exit.​

private markets


In the last 10 years, German Media Pool has established its position as a leading platform for media for equity investments in Europe.

We are happy shareholders and supporters since 2011.

GMPVC Opportunities I is a new venture capital fund that capitalizes on the German Media Pool investment platform. It invests in winners from the existing portfolio and deal-flow of German Media Pool.

~ 20% are Early-Stage Discovery Investments (Seed to Mid-Stage)

~ 80% are Follow-On Growth Investments (Mid-Stage to Pre-IPO)

Planet A Ventures supports founders tackling the world‘s largest environmental problems.


They provide early stage funding and mentoring to highly scalable green tech companies – while measuring and forecasting the positive environmental impact of a start-up as our central metric of success.


The Below One fund is the very first German venture fund that classified as Article 9 under the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and that their portfolio is 100% in line with the EU taxonomy. 


We are happy to have joined Planet A as a LP.

private equity


Since we believe that entrepreneurs are the rockstars of the business world, and we made the money we are investing the same way, we actively support younger companies and entrepreneurs. We do so as coaches, but also directly invest in Early-Stage companies. We only invest in companies if we truly understand their business model and when we can support with more than just money.


We are happy investors in the following companies:

venture capital


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