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In addition to our activities as an investor, we also support various projects with the goal of preserving and protecting indigenous habitats, as well as the preservation and reforestation of (rain)forest.


We focus our activities in Brazil and support projects that protect and restore the Atlantic Forest and the Amazon.

Huni Kuin

The Huni Kuin – “the genuine people” – are an indigenous tribe in the state of Acre, Brazil. They live in harmony with the rainforest and its wildlife. But their habitat is dwindling. They are desperately fighting for nature and their survival.

Land purchase project Amazon

With our donations, we directly support the Huni Kuin in their plan to buy land to protect themselves and their home - the Amazon rainforest.

reduco2 Deutschland e.V.

The registered association reduco2 Deutschland e.V. was founded in 2020. Their objective is to protect and restore the Atlantic Forest and its biodiversity in the Southeast of Brazil, namely in the states of Paraná and São Paulo.

The association is supporting projects of Brazilian partner organizations and is also planning to launch their own projects.

The objective is to plant 5 million native trees by 2030.

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